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Prepare yourself for hottest endurance race concept in Africa... a crazy event that will challenge everything you always thought you knew about endurance events, lap racing and race village parties. 
Oh yes, it is time to get ready for "THE HOUR" Race!!


It is extremely simple. Participants will all start together exactly on the hour at a certain time. An hour glass will be turned and you will have exactly an hour to finish your lap and stop (a12km lap for those doing the MTB race and 6km lap for the trail runners). As soon as the hour glass runs empty after an hour, a new lap will start and everyone that wishes to continue, will all start together again for another lap. This process of starting a new lap every hour sharp, will continue until the last person fails to start a new lap. You cannot skip any hourly group start if you wish to stay in the race. So the last man/women standing and who have done every hourly start, will be the winner. 
It means that if you go fast and finish a lap in, let's say, 30 minutes, you have 30 minutes to rest, eat and relax before you have to be at the start line again for the start of the next lap on the next hour sharp. If you choose to go slower, you will be fresher on the route but will have less time to rest and eat before the hour is over and you have to get to the line for the start of the next lap. 
If you are not at the start line for any of the hourly starts, your race is over. Or if you fail to finish a lap in the given hour, your race is also over. 
This will continue for 60 hours or until the last runner fails to start a new lap. After 59 hours, if there are still more that 1 left competing, the 60th lap will be a "sudden" death lap that will entail a sprint lap and the fastest finisher of this lap will be the ultimate winer.
It will be crazy, it will be tough, it will have huge spectator value and we will make sure it has the perfect race-to-party ratio with all day, all night race village festivities for participants and supporters :-) 
Are you ready for THE HOUR? 


Date: 7 - 9 August 2021

Race Format: Solo

Entry Fee: R450 per person (including a free event t-shirt and goodie bag for everyone who enter and pay before 23 July 2021)

Race Village: The Cowhouse, Hazeldean Valley Trails, Pretoria, Gauteng

StartTime: Saturday, 7 August 2021 at 07h00

Cut-off: after 60 hours on Monday, 9 August at 19h00

Lap Distance: MTB - 9to 10 km | Trail Run - 4 to 5km

Minimum Laps to receive a medal: 5 laps

Terrain: Easy, flat trails. Single track and jeep track

Race Village Facilities: Toilets, charging points, crash zone (for power naps; own bedding to be supplied), food vendors, cash bar and much more. 

Support Crew: Allowed in the race village but NOT on the route. 

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